Allana Matheis

Joy (35) Businesswoman

Outward appearances suggest she's got it all figured out: runs her own non-profit, loves her fur babies, and has a great group of friends. The reality is she doesn't know what move to make next. She wings it and hopes for the best with her unrelenting optimism and sarcastic sense of humor. An introvert who may not say what she's thinking but it reads all over her face. Strong facial expressions with great comedic timing. Series Regular. Think The Good Place or Modern Family.

Ms. Collins (29) Lawyer

She's desperate to prove her skill while hiding her insecurities. Determined and headstrong with a certain grace under pressure. She'll never let anyone get away with their assumptions about who she is or what she can do. Not one to ask for permission. A Jennifer Connelly-type with a quietly intimidating air. Guest Star. Think The Good Fight or How to Get Away with Murder.

Allana Matheis

Dr. Moretti (35) Doctor

A professional with an unwavering dedication to her practice. She’ll stand up to the system if it means protecting her integrity. Strong dramatic skills. Guest Star. Think Killing Eve or The Handmaid's Tale.

Allana Matheis

Eleanor (30) Young Mom

Warm and fun-loving. She’s the one the kids know they can talk to about anything. Her sympathy makes them feel like their problems are taken seriously. She might just let you skip a day of school to spend a day at the beach. Keira Knightley-type with an East Coast sensibility. Co-star. Think The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel or Better Things.

Lacey (32) Nurse

She’ll tell you the worst news of your life in the nicest way. Her main concern is making you feel better. “Yes, you were shot three times, but you didn't get any blood on your lovely sweater!" Smart but awkward. Comedy skills a must. Co-Star. Think Superstore or Brooklyn Nine-Nine.